Pitched Roofing Repairs in Kingswood from DCR and Sons

DCR and Sons cover all parts of Surrey including Kingswood, which is located 5 miles to the southeast of our home town of Epsom. We specialise in pitched roofing repairs, helping our clients to rectify storm damage, weathering and general wear and tear. Our roofing contractors can also undertake full reroofing projects and installations on new builds.

Our team has the experience and the flexibility to work with traditional slating and all types of roofing tiles. Working in line with your available budget, our roofing contractors always use the best possible materials for the job. This ensures that challenging projects, such as those undertaken on conservation projects in Kingswood, are always professionally finished.

DCR and Sons can also repair or remove chimney stacks, install replacement gutters, soffits and fascias, renew valley gutters and repoint cement ridges. We have prior experience as a building firm and this means that we can undertake most types of exterior property maintenance in addition to our standard range of roofing repairs.

DCR and Sons for Flat Roofing Repairs in Kingswood

Very few companies in and around Kingswood handle flat roofing repairs quite as comprehensively as DCR and Sons. We have the capabilities to use more than 90% of the repair systems available to us. This means we can undertake full and partial flat roofing work using exactly the right material for your property type.

Rubberbond™ Fleeceback™ is an innovative product with twice the thickness of traditional EPDM. Designed to last for up to half a century, Rubberbond™ Fleeceback™ has excellent resistance to weathering, tearing and impact damage. It is ideal for use on repairs, new builds or on property extension projects.

Homeowners in the Kingswood area can also choose our company for GRP fibreglass roofing. Perfect for both small and large repairs, this product relies on a cold application system so there are never any on-site heat hazards to worry about. GRP fibreglass roofing provides a seamless and waterproof finish that comes with insurance-backed warranties.